Information about purchasing a puppy from "Laurem Hill"

When buying puppies from us, you will receive:


  • Advice on puppies and dogs’ raising, care, feeding, etc.

  • Answers to all questions you are interested in

  • Contract of Puppy purchase

  • Puppy package

If you express a wish, we will:

  • Help for you to become a member in our cynology club with your puppy

  • Register your puppy for dog shows and competitions

  • Recommend the best training and activities to participate in


Puppies to the moment of purchase are:

  • 9 weeks old

  • Registered in Latvian Cynological Federation (LKF / FCI)

  • Microchipped and with the European Union's passport

  • Examined twice by a qualified veterinarian

  • Examined twice by 2 Cynologists from our Kennel Club

  • Vaccinated according to age requirements

  • Regularly Dewormed

  • Provided with the Sales Contract issued by Latvian Cynology Federation

  • Puppies will be able to participate in national, international and abroad dog shows within LKF (FCI) system as well as in FCI system competitions, like obedience, freesbie, etc.

Whole litter is registered at LKF (Latvian Cynology Federation) which is within FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale).

Puppies’ parents have passed all the mandatory health checks:

Hip & Elbow dysplasia examination and Eye test.

And also extra health tests for typical genetic diseases so you will receive a healthy puppy.

Health tests for our puppy parents:

  • HD - hip dysplasia

  • ED - elbow dysplasia

  • Eye check

  • prcd-PRA - Golden Retriever Progressive Retinal Athrophy

  • GR-PRA1

  • GR-PRA2

To read about inherited diseases in Golden Retrievers click here.

Both parents are good, healthy, charismatic examples of the breed with a good exterior, big bones and head, thick coat and appropriate to a Golden Retriever - a cheerful, brave, loving, happy and sweet character. 

We introduce the new owners with the puppies, puppy mum and if it's possible, then to the dad aswell. If not, then with pictures and/or videos.

On your request, we will show you puppies parents’ pedigree and health test copies.

Puppy export & shipping is possible!

Puppies can be and usually are booked / reserved in advance:

For planned litters check the Litter page.

Puppy price is 1200 Euros + shipping.



Tel .:

+371 22353115 (Laura, LV & ENG, little bit Russian),

or by e-mail:

© Laura M. Brante

  "Laurem Hill"

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