Milbu Uoga Ujera Sanbukki "Mikka"

International Champion (C.I.E.)

Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Belarus & Baltic Junior Champion

Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian, RKF & Baltic Champion

LV W' 2016, KUR W' 2017, Res.LV JW' 2012

7 CACIB, 14 BOB, 31 BOO

4 BIG-1, 3 BIG-2, 3 BIG-4

Many Crufts Qualifications..

BOB & Best in Speciality Show -1! x 2

BOB & Best in Speciality Show - 2!

BOB & Best in Speciality Show - 3!

BOB & BIG & Best in Show - 5!

TOP Winning Golden Retriever female #1 of Latvia 2013

TOP Winning Golden Retriever #1 of Latvia 2012 & 2016

TOP Winning Golden Retriever Puppy #1 of Latvia 2011 & 2012



































































Judges have said..

"Lovely bitch, excellent head, well placed shoulders, excellent bone, cat like feet, well placed ribs, super tailset, excellent width eyes, sound mover."  
Junior class - CW, JCAC, BOS-3. (speciality show)
(Jan Erik Ek, Sweden, 15.04.2012. ) 

"11 months, excellent young female, excellent type, very nice head & expression, good dark eyes, good neck, excellent chest & bones for age, front could be a bit better, good topline, excellent behind angles, excellent coat condition, good from siluet " Junior class - CW, JCAC, BOS, BOB, BISS-1. (speciality show)
(Dušan Paunovič, Serbia, 21.04.2012.)

"Excellent type, feminine, excellent head and expression, very good front angles, excellent rear, excellent top and underline, excellent movement." 
Junior class - CW, BOS, BOO, Cruft's Qualification. (CACIB dog show)
(Carlos Salas Melero, Spain, 09.06.2012.)

"Lovely type, feminine, good size, elegant & very nice body, moves well, good coat." 
Junior class - CW, BOS, BOO. (CACIB dog show)
(Yochai Barak, Israel, 10.06.2012.)

"14 months, good young female, good type, nice head & expression, good nose & eye pigment, good neck, front could be a bit better, good chest & bone, excellent angulation behind, nice in moving, good temperament." 
Junior class - CW, EST JUN SERT, JBOB, BOS, BOO. (CACIB dog show)
(Dušan Paunovič, Serbia, 05.08.2012.)

"Strong feminine bitch, beautiful face & expression, dark nose, strong behind." 
Intermediate class - CW, BOS, CACIB, BOO. (CACIB dog show)
(Julija Aidietiene, Lithuania, 11.11.2012.)

"Excellent type, correct bite, well angulation, excellent thorax, good coat, correct movement."
Intermediate class - CW, BOS, BOB, BOG-2. (National Dog Show)
(Alberto Cuccillato, Italy, 08.12.2012.)​

"23 months. Excellent proportions. Very nice outline. Nice head and expression. Nice neck. Excellent angulations. Correct tailset. Moves very well."

Intermediate class - CW, BOS, BOO.

(Tino Pehar, Croatia, 20.04.2013.)


"Well made strong bitch. Nice head and expression. Powerfull front, rich neck, excellent front legs, good forechest, big ribcage, short-well muscled loin, good tailset, strong bone, well-laid down hock, well bent stifles, excellent carriage of tail, moves well"

Champion Class - CW, BOS, BOO.

(Attila Czegledi, Hungary, 06.09.2014.)

"Excellent type. Genial construction and movement."
Intermediate class - CW, BOS, BOB, CACIB, BOG-4 & Cruft's Qualification. (International Dog Show)
(Alberto Cuccillato, Italy, 19.03.2016.)​