Retriever Speciality Show

September 13, 2018

As allways, Retriever Speciality brings us good results! 

Milbu Zachariah Charming Zachary - 2nd in Chamipon class, CQ, Best male -3!

Rebecca Laurem Hill - Open class winner, CQ, Best Female -2 & CAC!

Milbu Uoga Ujera Sanbukki - 3rd in Champion class, CQ, Best female - 4!

I didn't think we would have such good results, because my Zachary decided to start shredding 1 month before dog show... and guess what - Mikka just blew all her coat 2 weeks before the show! 

But we are really really happy and about our dear girl Rebecca!

This is her 2nd dog show(first time in adult class), without any training, I saw her first time in ages!

Ogre National Dog Show & Retrievers Speciality

July 12, 2018

This weekend there were 3 dog shows - 2 National and 1 Retriever Speciality in Ogre.

Matthias participated in all 3, but our girl Janna in only one (because we were hoping for puppies so we were unsure to enter her or not, in case she is expecting

2 x Ogre National :

Mister Matthew Matthias Sanbukki - 2 x Champion class winner, Best Male 4 & 1, Best of Opposite!

Again the competition were pretty strong. So we are very happy for Matthias, BOB was a really beautiful golden girl from Russia!

Retriever Speciality Show:

Mister Matthew Matthias Sanbukki - Champion class winner, CQ, Best male - 2!

Phoebe Phenomenal Phoenix Sanbukki - Open class winner, CQ, Best female - 4!

Daugavpils National Dog Show

January 18, 2018

Today at Daugavpils National Dog Show in a VERY tough competition our lovely boy


Mister Matthew Matthias Sanbukki won Champion class, was Best male and later BOO!

We are very proud with this result, had some TOP quality males in ur competition.


Unfortunately we don't have new photos with him or from show.

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